Studying on top-quality level.

The Global MBA program can be studied in “part-time“ with a high degree of personal flexibility, thanks to its asynchronous online elements and the user-friendly organization of the live sessions in each module. Knowing our target group very well, we have optimized the structure of our program, delivering all necessary “up-to-date“ management know-how with a high degree of target orientation.


We are driven by the conviction that the know-how of “General Management“ comprises the ability to analyze complex situations and developments and the ability to make „good“ decisions although we normally have imperfect information. This know-how will be acquired by taking nine courses, while three of them can be clustered to the core area “Leading“, another three to “Acting“ and the remaining three courses to the core area “Analyzing“.

Concrete management tasks and challenges will be analyzed in using academic methods and tools, based on newest management theory, enabling us to have a “clearer view“ of the situation and to derive successful and responsible management decisions at the end. Critical reflection, so typical for an academic study, will be strongly combined with a high degree of practical experience and group-dynamic work – an educational approach that makes our Global MBA program so special and substantial.

Core areas & modules


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